Norm Brunet is part of that elite group of today’s artists! A gifted songwriter, an accomplished musician, and adding to his triple threat credentials are the always on target and distinctive vocals.
“The first thing people usually comment on is the crustiness and raspiness of my voice. I guess that came from years of performing night after night in clubs”!
Norm’s Smokey-throated vocal work has a special attractiveness that keeps you listening for more. His voice rings with experience and texture. We are at ease with a vocalist who doesn’t need to struggle to emote. As a songwriter, his versatility comes to the forefront with an intuitive ability to take everyday situations and turn them into songs, not just lyrics on paper or grooves on discs but observances of life!
“His tunes are exceptional! Substance? Plenty, Hooks? Norm could open his own tackle shop!” The Ottawa Citizen Raised in Canada’s capital, Norm’s artistic and musical ability was evident at an early age. He started playing guitar at the age of nine and over the years, the two became inseparable. With a diverse appreciation for music, Norm counts among his many influences that country tinged southern rock sound of the Eagles, Poco, Loggins and Messina, the Birds to name but a few.
“I identified with that sound. It grabbed me the first time I heard the music, especially the guitars and vocals!”
With years of roadwork here and abroad, Norm honed his skills both on stage and on paper, writing regularly and performing hundreds of shows a year. After a self-imposed hiatus, Norm went looking for the right producer and sound, the road led to Michel Le Francois. The opportunity to work with the famed Montreal producer/arranger for the Life Goes On project was exactly what the search was all about and the ensuing months of creative collaboration resulted in a new sound and an album that to this day promises to grab your attention!

Norm has spent most of 2016 writing and creating for a new album that is currently in production and set for release in the fall of 2017! Stay tuned…

Norm Brunet
Part of today’s new sound

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