Can Country “It Don’t Get Better Than This” Album Review

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He’s back !!!…. Well actually he never went away.
Like most country singer/songwriters who made an impact with their songs and recordings during the pre-Garth and Shania heydays of country music, Norm Brunet has been sitting on the sidelines, waiting for the right moment to re-enter the fray. He now makes a timely return to the spotlight with his new album, It Don’t Get Better Than This, filled with ten new original songs. The new work is a strong follow-up to his earlier albums, Me And My Guitar and Life Goes On, both of which drew critical praise, with several of the songs earning national chart action.
Norm Brunet has several things going for him on the new album. His gritty vocal delivery has evolved into an intriguing mix that blends a Leonard Cohen whisper with a Keith Urban drawl; his songs provide a mature look at both the up’s and downs of life; and the work is further enhanced with some truly sparkling production touches.
The album’s title track It Don’t Get Better Than This is a natural pick as the lead single from the package. The song puts a down-home twist to a modern day domestic lifestyle, and it deserves radio’s attention. There are several other standouts — Pour Me Another One is a gutsy lament that carries a thoughtful message; while She’s Afraid To Stay stirs many special images; and Can’t Stop Thinking is a hurtin’ song that is delivered with a contrasting bubbly touch. The album also features several upbeat moments with tunes like Good Times And Tan Lines, Put Some Life Back In My Life, and Heartbreaker Girl…the latter reminiscent of Rodney Crowell at his best. There’s also a hidden gem here in the song Like Out Of A Dream, a tune inspired by a pet dog adoption, but it carries an even heavier meaning.
Norm Brunet, an Ottawa-based performer, calls upon long-time music partners Dan Artuso and Victor Nesrallah to provide him with tasty accompaniment on a variety of instruments – all three have combined to co-produce the album.By the way… It Don’t Get Better Than This !!

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